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XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester



      The XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester is lately developed based on the digital technology. It is appl⛦ied to the dry thermal shrinkage test of staple chemical fibers. The thermal shrinkage measurement range is 0-25%, and the length measurement precision is 0.01 mm.

   Technical Data

(a) Measuring range of thermal shrinkage: 025%

(b) Precision:  ±0.01mm

(c) Error of the thermal shrinkage:  ≤±0.1%

(d) ꦉ🐠 Gauge between the upper and the lower clamp: 20mm±1mm

(e) Number of objective fibers on the sample cylinder: 35

(f) Power:  220V±10%

(g) Mainframe weight:   around 20kg

        (h) Mainframe size:  450×300×360 (mm)

   Method of Operation

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